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Smoke products

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Information regarding smoke products.

We are Denmark's largest producer of wood flour, and now wish to strengthen our market position on the “smoking side”.

We have therefore initiated new activities; including increasing our production capacity and ensuring we have plenty of raw materials.

We have a modern, computer controlled production plant that ensures the production of high quality products.

Continuous quality control checks are carried out on raw materials and at every point of production, and the Department of Food continually analyses our products.

Our products fulfill all requirements issued by official authorities, and can without any problems be used in the Food and Delicatessen Industry.

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Product facts:

  • 100% pure raw beech, without glue, chemicals, etc.
  • The beech sawdust is dried and heat treated according to the newest principles.
  • Water percent approx. 8%.
  • A uniform and thereby labour saving product.
  • Extremely low dust content – good working environment.
  • An almost sterile product, where the glue, yeast and mould content is at an absolute minimum.
  • Salmonella free, all Department of Food analyses have shown: ”Salmonella not present”.
  • Delivered on disposable pallets.
  • Suitable for smoking many food products. For example: fish, meat, sausages, etc.
  • Raw materials / wood type: 100% pure beech
  • Contents per sack: 75 litre – approx. 22-24 kg
  • Water percent: Approx. 8%

Working environment: Products go through a special dust cleaning process that makes the dust content extremely low.

Purity: Continuous sampling is conducted and analysed by the Department of Foodstuffs. The analyses show an extremely low content of germs, yeast and moulds.

Salmonella free: All analyses conducted by the Department of Foodstuffs have shown ”Salmonella not present ".

Efficiency: Uniform corn size from sack to sack, same procedure every time.

Disposable pallets: No risk of spreading disease.

Economics: Uniform – effective – labour saving.

Aroma guarantee: 100% pure beech, no risk of damaged smoked goods.

Assortment ensures optimal production for various types of smoking:

Problem free production of smoked goods.
A mild and piquant aroma.

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