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Animal bedding

Animal bedding

Our bedding products are suitable within all kinds of animal industries.

There are several ways our products can be applied such as, swine bedding for younger pigs, bedding within the stall, passages and driving areas and within the trailers when you transport the animals.

Furthermore, our product is also suitable in slaughter houses, where it for example can be used within the delivering areas. To manufacture our products, we use 100 percent beech wood as our raw material.

Therefore, we take pride in saying that our products are without waste products such as glue, chemicals and bark.

Also, our products have been tested in terms of salmonella, where all test showed that our products are salmonella free.

This represents the fact that we do not compromise with the quality of our products. Furthermore, our products are also easy to remove in a proper way environmentally wise.

The raw material of beech sawdust has the highest absorbency, which in the long run suits you economically. Tis is due to the fact that you do not need to change the bedding as often as with other products of a different raw material.

We are therefore happy to say that our animal bedding is economic, efficient, environmental friendly and extremely absorbent.


Our products can be used within various industries that deals with animals. Our products are very suitable especially as animal bedding and we ensure you a product of high quality that will not disappoint you.



If you would like further information about our animal bedding products you are of course very welcome to contact us on the telephone: + 45 7516 8037, e-mail: or via our contact form, which you will find under contact.

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