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Special products for cleaning mink pelts

Beech wood flour

DT40: Suitable for tumbling whole bodies, as well as the leather side, a coarse and sharp structure

DT60: Suitable for tumbling whole bodies, less coarse but a sharp structure

DT65: Suitable for tumbling whole bodies and cleansing the pelt. A very smooth-running and sharp product.

DT68: New product for cleaning the leather side, quick absorption of excess fat, works effectively and softens the pelt, cleans the pelt for wood flour saturated in fat.

​DT70: A multi-purpose product that is used for the whole skinning process. The most popular of our products.

​DT75: As the DT70 but with better absorbency. Suitable for scraping machine and skinning station.

​DT80: A superior quality product that meets the strict requirements for both a high cleaning ability and a high absorbency.

​DT85: Highly absorbent product, only for use in the scraping machine. Immediately binds all fat so it is avoided that the pelts get grease on one another.

All types are characterized by very low dust content.

A sharp and angular structure that results in a good cleaning effort.

Smooth-running and loose product that is highly suitable for use in machines.


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