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Filtration of liquids

BioNic Organic Filter Media

Suitable for Vacuum drum filter and pressure filter

Benefits of organic filter media compared to other products:
- Especially economically beneficial
- Environmental unproblematic before and after use
- No handling risks for employees
- Soft product that causes less wear on equipment and pipes


Industrial filtration filters

Vacuum Drum Filter

BioNic 180
Organic Particle Filtration

BioNic used to replace: Kiselgur (Diatomaceous earth) and Perlite

​Particle composition by request

Examples of Abolition possibilities after use:
- As feed for animals / pigs
- As production of briquets for burning.

Applications Filtration

Organic filter aids Always a better solution

 The variety of filters specially designed for precoat filtration is a powerful and economical solution for nearly every filtration task.
Many customers all over the world today use filter aids in the following areas:
• Pharmaceutical and chemical industries
• Food industry - strength, etc
• Drinks, fruit juices and spirits
• Metal Industry
• Sewage technology and sludge treatment
Areas of application of organic filter aids
No restrictions
Organic filter aids can be used without problems on all common precoat filter systems.

The variety of products specially developed for this application provides a powerful and economical solution for almost every filtration task.

High profitability
In general, organic filter aids are particularly suitable as a powerful, cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to kieselguhr and perlite.

Universally applicable
DT-Mesh120 Filter aid products can be used as a 100% primer and / or continuous dosing agent - similar to kieselguhr or perlite.

Also in the mixture unbeatable
In certain cases, however, mixtures of organic and mineral components are also advantageous and recommendable.

Safe and reliable
Organic filter aids form highly porous filter cakes with numerous cavities and finest channels. They safely keep mucus and particles back and guarantee the user high flow rates and long service life.

Especially under pressure
Owing to their flexible, pressure-elastic and structuring properties, organic filter auxiliaries are also preferably used as pressing and dewatering aids.

The highly effective drainage action of organic fibers leads to measurably higher throughputs and product yields (filtrate), shortened pressing cycles and higher dry substance contents in the cake.

At the same time, fibers reliably prevent the smearing of the cloths and thus substantially facilitate the subsequent cleaning of the filter elements.


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