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Filtration of liquids

This organic filter will boost filtration of liquids in your productio

Filtration of liquids is an important part of any operation as it ensures that the product is not contaminated, and it helps protect the equipment that your business uses.

BioNic organic media is an organic filter that is suitable for vacuum drum filters and pressure filters. Benefits of the BioNic organic filter media include

  • It is a good financial investment for your business.
  • The filter does not affect the environment negatively.
  • It is safe for your employees to use.
  • The BioNic Organic filter media causes less wear on equipment and pipes than other filters.


Industrial filtration filters

Filtration of liquids
Vacuum Drum Filter
Organic Particle Filtration
BioNic 180
Organic Particle Filtration

Improve the filtration of liquids in your business with the BioNic organic filter

The BioNic organic filter can be used as a substitute for both Kiselgur and Perlite. After use it can be discarded by using it to feed animals or to produce briquettes for incinerations.

Precoat filtration filters can be used as a powerful and financially beneficial solution for nearly every filtration task. Today many customers all over the world use filter aids in the following areas

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Food industries
  • Metal industries
  • Sewage technology and sludge treatment

Filtration of liquids using the BioNic organic filter

Organic filter aids can be used in all common precoat filter systems. The variety of products specially developed for this application provides a powerful and financially beneficial solution for almost every filtration task


Great alternative

When it comes to filtration of liquids, organic filter aids are a powerful, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly alternative to kieselguhr and perlite.

During the filtration of liquids organic filter aids create porous clumps that store mucus and particles, so substances are separated effectively.


Universally applicable

DT-Mesh120 Filter aid products can be used as a 100% primer and continuous dosing agent - similar to kieselguhr or perlite. In certain cases, mixtures of organic and mineral components are also advantageous and recommendable.


Improved filtration of liquids

Because of their flexible, pressure-elastic and structuring properties, organic filters are also preferably used as pressing and dewatering aids. Organic fibers are very effective at draining, which creates a noticeably better result with more dry matter in the cakes. This makes it easier to clean the filter elements later on.


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