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Oil absorption

Oil absorption with wood

You can use our oil absorbent granule for many purposes it is, for example, particularly well-suited to absorb oil from the floor at car repair shops. Dansk Træmel has been dealing with absorbent products for many years and, therefore, has a wide knowledge of what works, and what does not work.

​Some of the qualities of our oil absorbent are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Effective
  • Colour does not come off
  • High absorbency of beechwood

​Our wood flour for oil absorption is eco-friendly and does not release dust as many other products. Additionally, the colour does not come off on the floor and footwear. Freshly painted floors stay neat for longer since the wood flour does not make scratches in the floor paint.
Oil absorption with wood is, therefore, a very effective method, as beechwood has a very high absorbency.
In industries such as auto repair shops or roadside assistance, it is often necessary to absorb oil or other fluids.
You can, thus, in a safe and environmentally friendly way absorb oil or other liquids from the workplace or the road. Moreover, it is easy to use and without risk.

​Eco-friendly oil absorption

​If you use our product for absorbing oil you can be sure that you are able to collect and absorb oil in an environmentally friendly way. The sawdust does not contain glue, chemicals, or the like and does, therefore, not pollute at all. It has a water content of approximately 8%.
An oil spill in connection with a car accident, for example, can be harmful to the environment and dangerous for other drivers if the oil is left on the road. With the oil absorbent granules, the oil can easily be removed from the road in an environmentally friendly way. So, besides the fact that it is a very environmentally friendly method, the sawdust is also an easy way to quickly absorb the oil so you can dispose of it.

High absorbency at a cheap price

​If you need a cheap oil absorbent product you can safely choose oil absorption with wood. Our product is manufactured of pure beechwood. It is a simple product that has been developed, heat-treated and tested to be able to work effectively and have a high absorbency all at a very low price. There is no reason to spend too much money on oil absorbent granules that you use on a daily basis. We, therefore, offer you an efficient, clean product at a cheap price.

​Our bedding in the form of pure sawdust is delivered in 15 kg and 22 kg sacks and on new disposable pallets. All the industries that have to do with oil, may be in need of an oil absorbent in one way or another. If you want to handle oil absorption in an easy and cheap way our bedding is highly applicable.

Oil absorption without releasing dust

​For absorbing liquids and oil, it is important to use a product that does not release dust. The product can also be used as bedding for horses where it is very important that there are no dust problems that can damage the horses’ airways.

​Since the wood flour has been cleaned for dust it reduces the risk of the wind making the product fly around the room, if, for example, a gate is opened.

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