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Wood flour

Wood flour

Choose wood flour from

Wood flour is an important element of many fillers and composites building products. Choose our wood flour for the highest and most consistent quality.

Wood flour is a peculiar name for a practical product. The “flour” portion of the name refers to the consistency of the material, being flour-like in its powdered and fluffy feel. 

But first, let’s discover what wood flour is made of.


What is wood flour made of?

Wood flour is - not surprisingly - made from wood. Just like sawdust, wood flour is made from pulverized wood. The difference between wood flour and, say, sawdust, is how finely the wood is pulverized. Wood flour is very finely pulverized sawdust. To get the flour to be as fine as possible, the wood flour is filtered after pulverization, ensuring that there are no lumps and that the consistency is the same throughout. 

Wood flour can be made from many different sorts of trees. The choice of the sort of tree has a significant influence on the quality of the wood flour. 

It is usually said, that wood flour made form hardwoods is more durable and stronger, whereas wood flour made from less stable tree sorts, like fir and pine, gives a less durable wood flour.
Depending on the use of the wood flour, the stability and durability of the wood flour can be significant.


What can wood flour be used for?

Wood flour is used in many different ways, but often it is used in the building industry.

Wood flour is a magnificent filler for different products.
The wood flour act as a filler for widely used products like linoleum and Bakelite. 

Perhaps even more importantly, wood flour is used in composite materials, for application in building composites such as roofs and decks. The quality of the wood flour has a significant impact on the durability of these components. Wood flour is both used in wood and plastic composites. 

Finally, wood flour is used as flooring in animal husbandry, but are mostly used in the fur dressing process in for example the mink industry.


How is wood flour made?

Wood flour is made by pulverizing wood. The wood used for wood flour is usually sawdust, that is a byproduct of general, industrial woodworking, like sawing, milling and sanding. Our wood flour is made from fresh cut wood from our sawmill, and not from tailings. This ensures a finer flour of the highest quality.

The sawdust is then further pulverized to become wood flour. 

The result is a smooth, evenly fine flour with no lumps or larger wood parts. 

As we are PEFC and FSC-certified, we do not harm the forests when acquiring wood. The majority of all wood used at is from PEFC-certified wood.  

When you buy PEFC or FSC-labeled wood products, you help forests stay thriving and the FSC -label is your guarantee that you have made an ethical and responsible choice.


Why choose wood flour from

Depending on the intended use of the wood flour, the quality is very important, as the quality of the flour used for the products has a significant influence on the outcome of end-products.

Wood flour can be used in so many different ways, and not always is the durability and consistency an important factor.

However, when using wood flour in building composite materials, the wood flour’s ability to stabilize the components that it’s bound to, as well as adding strength and durability to the final product. 

When mixing wood flour with other materials for composites, it is crucial that the consistency is just right - and even. 

When you buy wood flour from, you are guaranteed to get stable, even and consistently high-quality wood flour from Denmark. The Danish quality can be used for all building composites, whether it being plastic or wood-based. 

While our main concern is the high quality of the wood flour, we offer competitive prices that match the quality of our product. 


All our wood is PEFC & FSC-certified

We are always proud to announce, that all our wood products are PEFC or FSC certified. This means, that whether you are a private consumer or a large company, we on our part ensure that we are handling the forest and the woods responsibly.  

PEFC and FSC is an international non-profit certification labeling. The PEFC and FSC label means, that the wood you are buying, does not harm the balance of the forests, both environmentally and socially.

Therefore, you can buy PEF and FSC -labeled wood in good conscience, knowing that the forests you receive products from today, will be thriving for generations to come. 

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