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Wood Flour for Mushroom Cultivation


Premium Wood Flour for mushroom cultivation is an important part of a balance diet for mushrooms. The quality of soil you provide to your mushrooms will greatly dictate how healthy they are. When it comes to the production of mushrooms, few things can provide as much impact as wood flour.

When pairing wood flour or wood pellets with the right nitrogen base, the two can lead to remarkable growth in the production of mushrooms. However, introducing wood pellets can also contaminate mushroom production if the material is not excellent.

Beech wood for production of mushrooms

We believe finding a great supplier is paramount to ensure the mushrooms doesn’t become contaminated. We are the largest beech wood flour manufacturer in the Nordic region. As a result, we have top of the line equipment that allows us to produce exceptional wood floor. We are also able to supply wood flour and wood pellets for the production of mushrooms.

This boon in production quality has also allowed us to have increased production capacity and can provide ample quantities of high-quality raw materials for all of our clients.

Most of our wood flour comes from beech wood. We have found that beech wood has a unique potential when used in the production of mushrooms.

Why is wood flour used for mushrooms?

Think about where you often see mushrooms in the wild, growing out of tree stumps. Wood substrates such as pellets and flour can be used as a basal substrate. Basal substrates are ingredients added to mushroom feed which can greatly enhance the production of mushrooms without contaminating the crop.

How to sterilize wood flour?

The wood flour we provide will all be heat treated and therefore have exceptionally low germ and yeast counts. We carry out continuous analyses of our products to ensure safe standards. In fact, our products are approved for use in connection with food.

All of our products are guaranteed to not contain any residues of glue, varnish or bark.

What sizes of wood flour and wood pellets do you provide?

  • We are able to deliver in both small and large quantities.
  • We can supply wood flour in 15 and 22 kg. bags, or 400, 600, and 800 kg. Big Bag or Walking floor trailer.
  • We can supply wood pellets in 800 kg. Big Bag.

Are wood flour from Certified?

Yes, we are FSC and PEFC Certified. Our products are approved for use in connection with food.

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