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WPC - Wood Plastic Composites

Danish supplier of wood plastic composites

 WPC Wood Plastic Composites

For many years Dansk Traemel has supplied quality wood fibers for the production of various composite materials for extrusion, molding, 3D printing etc. Composite materials are in general made of two or more different constituent materials. The merge of the materials creates the composite – and in this case wood composites also called WPC are made of wood fibers or flour, heated thermoplastic resins and additives in different proportions.

Quality wood fibers for WPC

At Dansk Traemel Dansk we offer organic and sustainable wood fiber-solutions – and this is on the basis of natural resources only. Our wood fibers are made from selected PEFC and FSC certified beechwood, which ensures sustainability and optimal traceability. The products meet the requirements for food contact materials.

By choosing only 100% pure beechwood from Germany, we can achieve a high-quality product without chemicals such as glue – in other words, we do not compromise on using raw materials despite the high commodity price.

All our products are sorted into particle sizes, which ensures a uniform and homogeneous mixture according to the customer's wishes and will be completely identical delivery after delivery.

What is wood plastic composite?

Wood plastic composite, WPC, is a material which is created from a blend of wood fibers and plastic. Wood plastic composite is a sustainable product because it can be created from entirely recycled materials. If you have some plastic laying around, this can be recycled to create brand new wood plastic composite. 

What are wood plastic composites used for?

Areas of WPC application are endless and demand is increasing in a market where plastics are being phased out in favor of composite materials. One of the advantages is, that WPC can be molded into almost any shape that the client desires – and it can be bend and fixed to form strong curves or surfaces. It is more resistant to rot, marine borer attack and does not corrode. Wood plastic composite is durable and has great workability using traditional woodworking tools.

In terms of maintenance WPC are produced in a variety of colors and nuances, which is a great selling point – no need to paint.

The following uses for inspiration:

  • Wood composite decking
  • Wood composite fence
  • Wood composite wind shielding - Various molding items
  • Disposable tableware
  • Funeral urns

Wood Composite Wind Shielding

Wood composite wind shielding, an innovative application of WPC, leverages the unique properties of this material to provide effective windbreak solutions in various settings. The composition of WPC allows for tailored designs and shapes, making it ideal for creating wind shielding structures that suit specific requirements.

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