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It is a well-known fact that logged wood that is untreated develops seeds, yeast, and moulds, a process that starts a few days after the wood is logged. Woodchips produced from old wood will contain large quantities of the abovementioned bacteria as well as the aroma from the fresh beechwood will turn into a dull smell of soil.

Most woodchips are made from scrap wood from the furniture industry, however, besides the fact that this wood has a very bad aroma there is also a latent risk that wood treated with glue and other chemicals will be included in the grinding process.
Dansk Træmel would like to offer an organic product, this is unfortunately not possible as a regulatory framework for organic wood does not exist. However, it is our opinion that you will not find a product closer to being organic than the products that Dansk Træmel offers.
Dansk Træmel has in collaboration with Europe's largest sawmill developed a concept that ensures a unique commodity where the aroma is preserved and where the abovementioned bacteria are only detectable in very low levels that are far below the limit, and where there is a 100% certainty that chemicals do not occur.

The logged wood is only in the forest for a few days before it is brought to the sawmill where it is debarked and cut up. 
The sawdust from the cutting goes directly to heat treatment whereafter the development of bacteria is stopped and the wood's light colour is maintained. The sawdust is then transported to our factory in Esbjerg where the raw material is ground, cleaned for dust, sorted, and bagged. 

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