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Mink products

Product information​

Dansk Træmel meets all statutory requirements, including the more stringent requirements of local and county authorities with regard to contents of wood dust which is classified as: Harmful to health.

​Economy - cost per pelt:

Dansk Træmel provides your pelt with an optimal finish,
and thus opportunities to boost sales prices.

Dansk Træmel is uniform and thus labour saving.
Dansk Træmel is efficient to use, normally approx. 60-70 pelts per sack of wood flour.
Your costs per skin with Dansk Træmel are approx. DKK 1.00-1.25.

Dansk Træmel provides you with:

  •     An optimum working environment with extremely low dust content.
  •     Labour savings, guarantees of uniform quality.
  •     Efficiency as a result of the high absorption and cleansing capacity.
  •     Improved economy, approx. 60-70 pelts per sack.
  •     Wood flour costs of only approx. DKK 1.00-1.25 per pelt.
  •     A light and almost sterile product.
  •     Disposable pallets, thus removing the risk of the spread of disease.

A perfect pelt result which will help you boost your prices.

Dansk Træmel

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