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Stall bedding

Stall bedding

At Dansk Traemel you can get all types of bedding suitable for stalls.

We are the provider of both general bedding such as horse bedding and swine bedding as well as wood pellets. Additionally, we are also Denmark’s largest producer of wood flour.

The key factor of our success is that we only produce material of a really high quality. We only use raw material which is made of 100 percent pure beech wood, with only approximately 8 percentage of water.

This is chosen due to the fact that we want our products to have a high absorbency.

The secret behind the high absorbency, is the quality tree chosen as our raw material. Bench wood absorbs twice as much as pine tree and is one of the best raw materials on the market.

Additionally, due to the high absorbency, it is not needed to use as much bedding as with other products. Thereby you save a lot of extra work and money.

With this information it is clear that there are many valuable and positive aspects about the products from Dansk Traemel.  


The stall bedding products was developed so the animals in your stall can have the perfect underlay. Especially the larger animals such as horses are greatly influenced by the underlay.

At Dansk Traemel we care for the animals and want them to have high quality products, so they can thrive even more at your stall. Our products are also suitable to use in the passages of the stall as well as for driving areas etc.



If you would like further information about our Stall bedding products you are of course very welcome to contact us on the telephone: + 45 7516 8037, e-mail: or via our contact form, which you will find under contact.


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